CAR TYPE PAX Price per day
Time 08.00 am - 17.30 pm
In chiangmai city
(Radius 60kms)
Out of chiangmai city
(Radius 100kms)
(Other provinces)
SUV (Include Fuel) 1-4 2,300 2,900 4,000
Mini Van (Include Fuel) 5-10 2,500 3,200 4,500

Overview :

If you are a person who enjoys traveling speed, flexibility and privacy. Renting a van or a car with a driver is your answer. We have suv cars or minivans and coach (Bus) experienced driver with basic English communication skills ready to serve you . 

– Private Tour, Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.

– Private SUV or Minivan and

- Private Coach (Bus)

Remark :

- SUV car the driver has English skill for communication.

- Minivan the driver has no English skill for communication.

- Coach (Bus) the driver has no English skill for communication.

- We can arrange If Professional licensed tour guide is needed.

What you expect :

- Your driver with private air conditioning suv car / mini van will ensure you reach your destination efficiently and securely.

- When booking, please provide accommodation details.

- Your personal transfer will be verified immediately and you will receive a travel voucher for easy and convenient driving!

Includes :

– English speaking driver (SUV Car) 

– First Class Insurance

– Drinking water and refreshing towel

- Fuel.

- Driver outstation charges and accommodation.

Excludes :

– Expenses on the move.

-  Professional licensed tour guide.

Rental conditions with driver

- The number of passengers for Minivan must not exceed 10 persons per vehicle.

- The number of passengers for SUV car must not exceed 5 persons per vehicle.

- The number of passengers for Coach (Bus) must not exceed 45 persons per vehicle.

- Hours of work of the driver working from 8.00 am - 6.00 pm. before or after work OT in Chiang Mai province charged 200 Baht per hour if the OT over 5 hours, the rent is increased. 1 day

- If you need a receipt / tax invoice, notify the driver in advance.

- Time and place to pick up Must be at least 1 day in advance.