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Many tourists may never use the service of the tour company through the Internet. Or get negative information. As a result, you may be uncomfortable with your transactions. With online tour company. Your trust is what we want to receive. Just like the company had received from both private and public clients. 
To make all travelers convenient and comfortable travel. Travelers should check with your tour company, or dealer for accuracy and convenience in travel. We would also like you to consider the following:


-  Business travel is a specialized business. Entrepreneurs must be registered by Tourism Authority of Thailand. You can check the company information at DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM

- Professional Guide & Reliable Transportation & Authentic Travel Experience.

-  Private Tour only. Please be inform that it's private Tour only for your party/family & All admission fees included / No tourist traps.

- The price is net price. Which includes everything mentioned. No hidden or extra charge.

-  Please check the validity of your reservation before making a payment. Any change May cause additional costs. Include the bank account number on the transfer and keep the transfer until the service is complete.

-  If you have a reservation. You may call the hotel to inquire about your reservation. However Be sure to ask for the same name as provided to the dealer.

-  Ask the name of the employee who received the call every time. To make sure that the information you get will be responsible for your care. And is the statement informative? Some entrepreneurs may have many colleagues. Asking the caller's name is the best way to refer.

- Get a receipt every time. With payment No deposit or partial payment. This may depend on the conditions of each company. Each item should be checked at the same time.

- Phone confirmed departure To inquire about the progress and readiness of the various tours. At least one day before the meeting, you will talk. The preparation inquiries may be nearly 100 percent complete.

-  MacKutsu Photography Employee reception staff to get a picture of the evidence if any misunderstanding.

-  Copy all travel documents. Keep at home Where your mates reach out while you are away. If you have a problem with documents on the go. Your relatives may deliver urgent documents to you promptly.

Just this, you will be able to travel peacefully.