Explore Tiger Kingdom + Buatong Sticky Waterfall.


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Group size (Person)
Price per person Adult (THB) 2,500 1,800 1,500 1,200
Child (THB) 1,300

Overview : { Private Group & transportation }

Why are the tigers so tame?

Is it dangerous to get in the cage?

The tigers at Tiger Kingdom are born into human care and we always stay near by so that they are used to people. They do not want to hunt you or to hurt you. The staffs are very well trained and are there to help you as well as to look after the tigers. Their main job is to ensure your safety. The tigers are handled, stroked and pat every day and so that even the biggest of hands or the roughest of pats does not usually bother them. What can make them react is if you touch them so lightly you feel like a fly. Very gentle touching can feel ticklish and irritating to a sleeping tiger and so it’s best to stroke firmly to avoid being treated like a fly or mosquito.

The tigers at Tiger Kingdom are hand reared and are very well trained. But they are still wild animals and so need to be respected. The tigers are often playful and may want to play with you. They do play rough though and so could bite when they are playing. 

Continue our trip to Bua Thong Waterfall in Chiang Mai, a small and beautiful, multi-tiered waterfall made of limestone and mineral deposits. It has been nicknamed ‘the sticky waterfall’ because the limestone creates enough friction to stop slipping, so making it very easy to climb up the waterfall (with the help of ropes). The limestone is slightly rough but it isn’t painful to step on, and forms an interesting bubbly pattern. There are 5 different levels to experience and steps on the side of the waterfall leading all the way to the bottom. Most people walk to the bottom and then climb up the waterfall to the top. On a hot and humid day the water is cool and refreshing. While many people wear swimsuits and explore the waterfall, there are lots to do if you don’t want to climb up Bua Tong. And many Thai people spend the day at Bua Thong Waterfall for relaxation. There is also a pleasant walk from the picnic area leading to a shrine with a few pools of crystal clean water from the waterfall.

Highlight :The Northern Route

- Visit The Tiger Kingdom is another great combination of tourism with wildlife preservation. The proceeds from tourist visits to the Tiger Kingdom are mainly directed to investments in captive breeding of tigers.

The tiger population in Thailand has been decreasing every year. It’s estimated that only around 120 tigers still inhabit the wild. The projections are more catastrophic. Specialists argue that it’s just a matter of time before tigers are completely extinguished from the wild. As human population grows, areas in which tigers can live freely diminish. Tiger-human contact becomes inevitable and, as a treat to, for example, pastoral communities, tigers are commonly hunted down and killed.

The Tiger Kingdom aims to increase the tiger population through captive breeding. These tigers, however, are not prepared to inhabit the wild and therefore, are fated to remain in captive from birth to death, which, given the current situation, it’s understood to be better than no tigers at all.

Since the tigers have been born in captive and fed a special diet of milk and chicken, they tend to be less aggressive than tigers in the wild. Captive tigers, therefore, can be visited by tourists, who pay a considerable amount of money to spend around 10-15 minutes with them.

The proceeds from tourism allows Tiger Kingdom to increase the tiger population through captive breeding, as well as improve the overall living conditions of the tigers through the acquisition of larger areas for them to roam around. Currently, the Tiger Kingdom has over 100 tigers in captive.

-  Then heading to Buatong sticky waterfall for you to enjoy walking and climbing the waterfall from below to the top. Due to the waterfall is from natural lime stone so you could walk and climb easily to the top and enjoy with the clear water of the waterfall to cool down.

What You Can Expect : 

 Waterfalls / Nature & Wildlife Tours / Private Tours / Outdoor Activities.

This tour start and end in Chiang Mai!

Tour locations : Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tour duration : 5-6 hours

Tour departing :

 Morning 08:00am-1.00pm

 Afternoon 12:30pm -17.30pm

Departs daily on a private basis.

Activities & Itinerary :

Tiger Kingdom + Buatong Sticky Waterfall. 

Pick up from your accommodation in Chiang Mai City. Depart Chiang Mai by private A/C car or VIP luxury Van. It takes about 5 - 6 hours including the traveling time in the car. Drive about 50 minutes from the town. Fun and exciting with Tiger Kingdom  includes : Big Tiger or Medium or Lion. ( Only one package can be selected ). As there are many other different packages.  Please let us know which one is your preferable package. Other packages you have to pay extra ( Optional ).

 – Giant THB:1,300 / package / person. 

Big Cat THB:700  / package / person. 

Medium THB:600  / package / person. 

 LionTHB:500  / package / person. 

 Continue  heading to Buatong sticky waterfall for you to enjoy walking and climbing the waterfall from below to the top. Due to the waterfall is from natural lime stone so you could walk and climb easily to the top and enjoy with the clear water of the waterfall to cool down.


This Private Tour Includes :   

– All Private transportation  only for your party / family. to and from your hotel. We use only high-quality air-conditioned vehicles to keep you cool and comfortable.

– Takes about 5-6 hours including the traveling time in thailand.

 – Entrance fees.

- Package Ticket Price: Big Tiger or Medium or Lion. ( Only one package can be selected )

– Water, refreshing towel.

 – Local 1 st class Travel accident insurance

 – Informative English speaking tour guide.

This Private Tour Excludes :

You can select other pack with your own expense ( optional )

Single Ticket Price

– Giant THB:1,300

– Big Cat THB:700 

– Medium THB:600 

– Lion THB:500 

– Alcoholic drinks.

  Please Bring :

– Digital cameras or phone cameras

-Some money for any of your personal expenses

Child Policy :

– Children age beloww 18 are able to take only small & baby tiger.

Note :

– This package is suitable for  people age 18 up.

 – Time is flexible based on the situation.