Thai Elephant Care Center, Chiang Mai. { NO RIDING }


Tour Code
Private trip costs
Group size (Person)
Price per person Adult (THB) 3,700 2,500 2,300 2,000
Child (THB) 1,500

Overview : { Private Group & transportation }

Thai Elephant Care Center, the small centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand. about 25km northwest of Chiang Mai, was set up to provide care for The elephant calves will live with their mothers at this nursery when the age of 1-3 year old. Thereafter, the elephant calves will be trained and learn skills from the mahout who has experience then continue to the elderly elephants retired from logging camps and elephant shows. There are no rides and visitors feed the old-timers with ground grass, herb balls and bananas and help out at bath-time, as well as visiting the cemetery of elephants who have died of old age. Spend the time with elderly elephants enjoying their retirement in the jungle  Thai Elephant Care Center Helps to care of the elephants, who need being looked after, after a lifetime of hard work.

Tour Highlight : Our Thai Elephant Care Centre, visitors can witness the real experience { NO RIDING }

- Visit baby elephant age of about 1-3 year old.

- Briefing about the center and purpose.

- Education about elderly elephant, elephant food & herb.

- Feeding the elephants. (feeding set is included)

- Visiting educational hall and elephant cemetery.

- Bath with an elephant.

– We are the first elephant camp which is certified by Thailand Elephant Camp Standard from Department of Livestock. And was honored as the Elephant Camp Model of the standard as well.

What You Can Expect :  

Nature & Wildlife Tours / Private Tours / Outdoor Activities.

This tour start and end in Chiang Mai!

Tour locations : Maerim Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Tour duration: 5-6 hours
Tour departing:
Morning 08:00am-13:00pm
Afternoon 12:30pm -17:30pm
Departs daily on a private basis.

In The Past

There were not many people knew about the new born elephants with the mothers .Where the elderly elephants lived after they were not able to work. Where did they live and what did they do? What happened to their life. When they died, buried or cremated? Where is the elephant cemetery. Truly, from Mr. Choochart Kalmapijit who found The Maesa Elephant Camp. He said that, the elephants, after retirement, we let them free in the jungle near by Maesa Elephant Camp. We have to take care of them because they do not know how to survive by themselves. The problem; when the elephants could not work, there was no income for family, the mahout had to go out for earning elderly elephants were left lonely like people. They were alone until they die, this is the purpose that Mr. Choochart wants to change the life of the elderly elephants. You have met the elephants, you will learn how to prepare appropriate food: ground grass is particularly appreciated, as you will notice when feeding the animals. Your guide will show you the elephants’ cemetery, teach you how to make a fire in a traditional stove and prepare sticky rice ,  the elephants’ favourite afternoon snack.
Later, observe elephants bathing in mud – you can even join them if you want to!  you will learn how to make special cookies that the elephants love, before enjoying a small trek and following a trail of mahout to see where the elephants rest at night. Finally, you can experience a final feeding session before saying goodbye.

Activities : Tour in the Countryside of Chiang Mai.

Thai Elephant Care Center, Chiang Mai. " No Riding "

– Departing from Chiang Mai by private A/C car or VIP luxury Van. It takes about 5 - 6 hours including the traveling time in the car.

– Around 1 hours. we arrive at the Thai Elephant Care Center

- Visit the baby elephants 1-3 year old. and the mothers.

– Brief about Asian elephant and safety change uniform

– Visit and interact with elderly elephants,  learn to make grinded grass

– Elephant cemetery and area of resting in the night time

– Learn to make herb balls

– Prepare to bath with elephants 

– Feed elderly elephants with a basket of banana and fruit.

– Have a shower and change your dress for farewell

– Say Goodbye to all friendly elephant keepers, then transfer back to Chiang Mai City or your hotel.


Our Pick up & Drop off Conditions :

– Free pick up & drop off for hotel located in Chiang Mai city area only

– Additional charges will apply for locations outside Chiang Mai city

– If you unsure about the specifics of your hotel or resort location, you can e- mail or call us upfront

This Private Tour Includes :

– All Private transportation  only for your party / family.  to and from your hotel. We use only high-quality air-conditioned vehicles to keep you cool and comfortable.

– Takes about 5 -6  hours including the traveling time in the car.

– Entrance fees.

– Water, refreshing towel.

– Banana and food for feeding your elephant.

– Local 1 st class Travel accident insurance

– Informative English speaking tour guide.

How to wear :

– The elephant mahouts outfit will be provided for you by Thai Elephant Care Center Team.
 -  Nice shower rooms, western toilets, metal lockers at Thai Elephant Care Center.

This Private Tour Excludes :

– Alcoholic drinks.

What to Bring : 

– A change of cloth and underwear

– Sunscreen lotion

– Insect repellent

– Digital cameras or phone cameras

– Some money for any of your personal expenses

Child Policy :

– Below 3   years old: free of charge

– 4-8 years old child : 50%discount

– 9 years old up or/taller than 120 cm. consider to adult price

Note :

– This package is suitable for all ages 

– Visit and interact with elderly elephants " No Riding "