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Wat Doi Suthep Temple + Borsang – Sankampang Handicraft Center.



Overview : Private Tours & Transportation 

Visit Wat Prathat Doi Suthep the most important and famous temple in Chiang Mai. The tour begins with a pleasant wildly driving up 3,500 feet above sea level to the sacred temple of Doi Suthep. You then ascend up the 306 steps to the temple gateway which guarded by two splendid Nagas (serpents). Walk around the grounds of Doi Suthep past golden pillars, six foot gongs and rows of bells. A five tiered parasols made of gold sat on display in the inner courtyard. Wat Prathat Doi Suthep was built in 1383, is the symbol of Chiang Mai. It is the most sacred temple in the city and contains the holy relic of the Lord Buddha which is enshrined in the magnificent golden pagoda that can be seen for miles around. A panoramic view of the city and the surrounding countryside can be seen from the temple grounds. and after visit Chiang Mai is one of the most famous places in handicraft products which are famous and high quality.

From a very small village called Borsang - San Khampang where local people earn their income from farming. They spend their time making many local products to support their family needs. the village had opened for the public to see their products and started to sell them.

There are many different products in this area. They are famous for Silk Weaving, Silver Making, Lacquerware product, Wood Carving, Sa and Umbrella Making, Cotton Weaving, Jade and Jewelry products and more. Witness how they produce their things and enjoy shopping the good quality products as a souvenir home or for your special occasion.

Silver Ware

Formerly introduced in Thailand by the Indian traders, the original techniques of silverware and jewelry making have slowly evolved through the influences of various periods of art. Particularly in northern Thailand where silver work originated as a result of Buremese and Shan methods and styles, and developed rapidly afterwards to become a combination of techniques and designs,

The ethnic minority peoples (Tibeto-Buemese, Hmong and Yao, the Shan and Tai minorities of Vietnam and Laos) have had much influence on Thai silver works as well. Types of adornment and jewellery, crafted by one minority people have been adopted by other minorities; the present adornment and jewellery range of some minorities also includes both ancient and more recent types.

The silver in Thailand is commonly used for jewelry, pictures made out of silver, picture frames, dishes,, silverware, purses and much more. The most common out of all of these uses are the jewelry and Chiang Mai is one of the places where the fitnest Thai silverware is produced, with skills passed down for centuries. Chiang Mai silversmiths like to make bracelets, rings and earrings. They have a very special chisels that they use to carve out designs in the bracelets and other jewelry. The silver pictures are also commonly made there. They get big sheets of silver paper and take the chisels to cave out the designs.

Thai Silk 

Silk is one of the most valued an sought-after fabrics in the world. Yet, the origins of the production of this most exquisite material remains veiled in mystery, throught we belive it comes from China.

At the Thai Silkk Village you will discover the production oof Thai Silk that begins with the bombyx mori, a small worm that comes from the eggs of silk moth and that eats leaves of mulberry trees before building a cocoon from its sprittle. The bombyx mori usually produces silk thread, ranging from light gold to very light green, with lengths from 500 to 1,500 yards per cocoon. A single thread filament is too thin to use on its own so Thai women combine many threads to produce a thicker, usable fiber. They do this by hand-reeling the threads onto a wooden spindle to produce a uniform strand of raw silk. The process is a tedious one as it take nearly 40 hours to produce a half kilogram of silk. The production will then be soaked in hot water and bleached before dyeing, then woven a using a traditional hand operated loom.


Chiang Mai is the centre of Thailand’s celadon industry. Among it most prized items is the distinctive Celadon pottery, so named for its unique glaze, the result of certain ingredients mixed with wood and ashes applied in a carefully controlled step by step process. The clay is first treated with additives which are then let in the shade and thrown. After bisque firing at a temperature of 800 C, the glaze is applied. The piece is then placed in the kiln for a second firing at a temperature of 1,250 C, which gives it its inimitable, finely cracked finish. Celadon pottery is elegantly simple in tones of the palest gray-greens. Today’s celadon centres on Sankampaeng Road.


Wood carving is considered one of Thailand’s finest traditional handicafts that have been passed down from the Sukhothai period (1238 – 1438 ). The evidence of the long existing sculpture art can be found on windows, door and other wooden parts of Buddhist temples, It’s easy to understand why ornamental wood carving in Thailand is such a highly specialized skill when you consider just how much intricate detail goes into every item created. Whetherit’s a tiny carved wooden bowl or an enormous engineered wooden structure, the sheer professionalism of the craft just cannot be faulted.

Gem Gallery

Welcome to World Gems Group the famous jewelry store and the biggest Jewelry store, we have 6 chain branches located in the heart of 4 major city in Thailand, Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiangmai, all our jewelry have received the international ISO 9002 and ISO 9001:2000 with vast varieties Finished Design Jewelry been displayed.we have a certificate of GIA also. Our store has a specific jewelry masterpiece, gems, birthstone, wedding ring and more jewelry to choose from with producing and designing by our professional staff.

Our store office section have a high technology laser welder machine and advance Computer Gold Check up of our expert Gemologist, everytimes you visit and also our demonstration workshop is allow you to see how the production of jewelry in Modern World. Our store is a member of Thai Gems and Jewelry Trades Association of Thailand and the Thai Chamber of Commerce. ” Get Special price for your own direct booking to our Transportation” Our service providing creation of piece such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings etc. Some other piece is a master piece including a high quality of precious stone such as diamon, sapphire, ruby, emerald, pink sapphire, cabochon, amethyst, garnet, peridot, jade, quartz, aquamarine, amethyst quartz, bluestare sapphire, cat’s eye, citrine, imperial topaz, tanzanite, smoky quartz, etc and we have the craftmanship on duty to create your instant design so that you would be accept a high impress with our service and product.

Tour Highlight : 

 - Stunning golden pagoda in Lanna design up the mountain. 

- Visit Chiang Mai's most significant temple with panoramic city view.

- Climb 306 steps between fabulous naga balustrades.

- Visit Chiang Mai is a primary center for the highest quality of handicrafts in Thailand.

- Visit factories and workshops for artists to create wonderful works of art. 

- Flexibility to your itinerary

- Private tour is operated with just your party and Led by a local guide / driver

What You Can Expect : 

 Cultural / Architecture / History & Archaeology Tours / Shopping / Private Tours 

This Tour Start and End in Chiang Mai!

Tour Locations : Chiang Mai, Thailand

 Tour Duration: 5 -6 hours                                                                               

Tour Departing:

Morning    : 08:00am-13:00pm 

Afternoon : 12:30pm -17:30pm 

Departs Daily on a Private Basis.

Activities & Itinerary :

Wat Doi Suthep Temple + Borsang – Sankampang Handicraft Center.

- Pick up from the hotel to the Doi Suthep - Pui National Park to the mountain with curvy road to see the most important temple in Chiang Mai. Exercising time by walking up 306 steps to the temples or taking the funicular to the temple with the attitude at 1,100 ms above the sea level.

 - See the Northern Thai dented corner golden pagoda which contains the relic of the Lord Buddha. Surrounding with the mural painting hall which telling about the Lord Buddha story. Here you can also get a chance to get a holy blessing and wrist tiding ceremony from the Buddhist monk. From the balcony, enjoy with the panorama view of Chiang Mai City. Birds fly up in the sky and cool breath against your face.

  - Further to Borsang – Sankampang Handicraft Centre.   to see the process how the local people making the high quality handicraft products for selling and exporting. Enjoy shopping the good quality products with the reasonable price as souvenir or gift for yourself, family members and friends.

- Back to hotel and end of wonderful day tour.


Our Pick Up & Drop Off Conditions:

– Free pick up & drop off for hotel located in Chiang Mai city area only

– Additional charges will apply for locations outside Chiang Mai city

– If you unsure about the specifics of your hotel or resort location, you can e- mail or call us upfront

This Private Tour Includes :

– All Private transportation  only for your party / family, to and from your hotel. 

– Takes about 5-6 hours including the traveling time in the car.

– Entrance fees.

– Water, refreshing towel.

– Local 1 st class Travel accident insurance

– Informative English speaking tour guide.

This Private Tour Excludes:

– Alcoholic drinks.

- Lunch.

Please Bring: 

– Digital cameras or phone cameras

Please dress politely ( Knees & shoulders covered )

– Some money for any your personal expenses

Child Policy:

– Below 3 years old: free of charge

– 4-8 years old: Child

– 9 years old up  consider to adult price


– This package is suitable for all ages and wonderful life experience

– Time is flexible based on the situation.

Good to know before booking :

The tour price includes one driver and one professional English speaking tour guide. If you prefer to have only English speaking driver. Please contact by email us for special (reasonable) price with the same program.


Tour Code
Private trip costs
Group size (Person)
Price per person Adult (THB) 3,800 1,800 1,500 1,200
Child (THB) 900